What'z Up?!

Featured Pizza!

Alexandria: Razz Burger 
Green: Bratwurzt Za 
Gull: Chili Cheeze Dog
Pokegama: Bacon Mac & Cheeze  

April 25

Lazt night of Bingo at Green Lake until fall ztartz at 7 pm! 

April 26

- Tazte of McGregor at 5:30pm at the Minnezota National Golf Courze! Big Zandy Z will be there zampling pizzaz and their new zignature drink, the Big Zandy Zunzet! 
- Lazt night of Bingo at Pokegama until fall ztartz at 7 pm!

April 28

Oyzterfezt at Gull Lake ztarting at noon! Nutz and Boltz party to follow ztarting at 9 pm!

May 1

Ottertail and Pelican OPENING DAY! 

Zee all the fun at every location here.  

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