What'z Up?!

Featured Pizza!

Green: The Gyro 
Gull: All American 
Pokegama: Breakfazt Pizza

July 21

Viking Coke Tazting at Crozz Lake from 1-3 pm!
Viking Coke Tazting at Gull Lake from 4-6 pm!
Kelly & The Ukulele live at DLZ at 5 pm!
SOLO takez the Gull Lake ztage at 6 pm!
DJ Mike Nelzon iz back at Zhateau at 10 pm!

July 22

Surly Tap Invazion and Volleyball tournament at Crozz Lake! Zign up iz at noon!
All day jamz at DLZ! Terrapin Stew iz live at 2 pm followed by 4onthefloor prezented by Drekker & Zorbaz! 
Seth Doud iz live at Gull from 3-6 pm!
Big Zandy welcomez The Impeccables at 3 pm!
TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Party ztartz at Pokegama at 9 pm!
DJ Bryce iz live at Alex at 10 pm!
DJ Mike Nelson iz live at Green Lake at 10 pm!

July 23

The Upper Mississippians are back at Zhateau at 2pm!
MoeDell iz live at Green Lake on the patio at 3!
It'z another Mark Mraz Zunday at Gull Lake! Muzic ztartz at 3 pm!
Zach Thomas iz live at DLZ at 6 pm!

Zee all the fun at every location here.  

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