What'z Up?!

Featured Pizza!

Green: The Gyro 
Gull: Jalapeno Popper
Pokegama: The Gyro 

June 28

Patrick Murphy iz back at Little Pine! Muzic ztartz at 5 pm!
Chris Holm takez the ztage at DLZ at 6 pm!
Johnny Cash live at Gull Lake! Zhow ztartz at 7 pm!

June 29

Doug Spartz live at Gull Lake at 6 pm! 
DLZ welcomez back Elvis! Zhow ztartz at 7 pm! 

June 30

Tail Gunners live at Gull at 6 pm! 
DJ Mike Nelson at Green Lake! Party ztartz at 10 pm!

Zee all the fun at every location here.  

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