What'z Up?!

January'z Pizza of the Month!

Get it before it'z gone!

Crozz Lake: Chili Cheeze Dog
Detroit Lakez: Chicken Wild Rice
Green Lake: El Cubano
Gull: Chicken Alfredo

Gull Lake Indoor Fizhing Tournament!

Janurary 24th

Buy a drink, "catch" a fizh! Awezome prizez!

Pokegama Beach Party!

January 24th

Get your waterwingz, beach gear and flip flopz ready for our indoor beach party! $10 zand pail margaritaz all day! DJ, Dancing and don't forget about a Limbo Contezt at night!

Green Lake WinterFezt Cup!

January 24th

Come watch the action az the 4-perzon teamz go head-to-head!

Little Pine Chili Cook-Off!

January 24th

It'z a zhowdown of who'z got the bezt! Regiztration at 2pm and judging beginz at 2:30!