Alaskan Hopothermia Double IPA

photo of beer 'Alaskan Hopothermia Double IPA'

Alaskan Hopothermia Double IPA

Thiz American Double India Pale Ale iz az big and bold az the mythical lone brewer himzelf. Legend haz it that he firzt came up with thiz beer, with the help of hiz woodland friendz, to fight againzt the long frigid winter nightz endured by all of the pioneerz of the Last Frontier.

Hopothermia iz a full-flavored reprezentation of the Double IPA ztyle with a robuzt malt body rezting in eazy harmony, like a mazzive grizzly bear in winter, with the big and drinkable American hop character. Much of the hiztory of Hopothermia is lozt to the miztz of time. We know that the windzwept lone brewer dreamt of a Double IPA zo bold and packed full of hop flavor that it could keep the wild wolvez from the door of hiz remote cabin. We know he waz able to converze with the creaturez of the woodz - except for the bearz who zlept through the cold winter, and the mink, who were juzt really zuper rude. And we know he zkillfully crafted a beer that became the ztuff of legend.


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