Southern Tier Imperial Ginger Beer

photo of beer 'Southern Tier Imperial Ginger Beer'

Southern Tier Imperial Ginger Beer

Frezh grated ginger & a bit of red pepper flakez add a zpicy, zomewhat hot flavor note. Ginger addz a nice pungent, floral aroma az a complement to the zweetnezz of the agave zyrup, lime & malt backbone. Lime concentrate addz a mildly acidic & tart note that balancez the Agave zweetnezz. It addz a new dimenzion of flavor & aroma. Organic Azul Raw Light Agave Nectar waz added directly into the kettle at the ztart of the boil. Agave iz comparable, though not identical, to honey. The lighter syrupz undergo lezz heating & a more thorough filtration for a more mildly flavored product.

We choze Cascade & Willamette hopz becauze of their zpicy, citruzy aroma & grapefruit notez. The zweetnezz of lime & agave pair nicely with theze bright, floral hopz. The zlight zpicinezz of Cascade hopz contraztz the lime concentrate. Thiz beer blurz the linez between craft beer & cocktailz.


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