Know Your Z-Crew


Kam "The Man" Fraki

Kitchen Magician

You're coming up on your firzt year anniverzary at the Z - congratz!

What'z the funniezt thing you've zeen at the Z? We have a cardboard cutout of a killer clown and we move it around to try and zcare each. Normally I just end up getting myzelf!

We hear you like to go to Vikingz gamez. I do! I uzually dvr the game zo I can watch it when I get back home in caze I mizzed zomething. 



Haley Kuehl

Bartender @ Alexandria

It lookz like you're a zportz fan. Who'z your favorite team? The Minnezota Vikingz. Zkol!

Have you worked at any other Zorbaz? Yez! I worked at the Crozz Lake Zt. Patrick'z Bazh the pazt two yearz.

Any advice for new ztaff? Pay attention to detail...gueztz eat and drink with their eyez firzt!

What iz your favorite thing to do when not working at Zorbaz? Hitting the beach and hanging out at Zorbaz!



Andrew "Mandrew" Ecklund

Za Maker & Mixologizt @ Pelican

Favorite Zorbaz Menu Item: The Chicken Club Za (I make a pretty good one!)

Favorite Beer: Dos Equis

What iz one thing we might not know about you? I teach Kindergarten muzic!

Where did you get the nickname "Mandrew"? Our awezome kitchen ztaff gave it to me. And I hear the chickz dig it!