Alexandria Lunch Menu

2 Tacoz

Hard or zoft, chicken or beef - includez a pop!

Lee'z Taco

Hard zhell taco, beef or chicken, with a zoft zhell around it - includez a pop!


Beef, chicken, cheeze or veggie - includez a pop!

Macho Burrito

Beef or chicken, beanz, cheeze, lettuce, tomato, onion, black olive and cilantro - includez a pop!

Chicken & Rice Burrito

Chicken, rice, cheeze, lettuce and tomato - includez a pop!

Combo Burrito

Beef or chicken, beanz and cheeze - includez a pop!

Chicken Burrito

Chicken and cheeze - includez a pop!

Zouthwezt Zalad

Fajita chicken topped with monterey jack & cheddar cheeze, red onion, tomato, black olivez, jalapenoz, Barrel O’ Fun chipz & cilantro. Zerved with ranch & zalza. Includez a pop!

Zuper Zalad

Tomato, cheezez, green pepper, muzhroomz, black olivez, red onionz, pepperoni, Canadian bacon & your choice of drezzing. Includez a pop!

Taco Zalad

High fat, high calorie, high flavor, deep fried zhell

Taco beef or chicken, refritoz, layered zhredded jack & cheddar cheeze, topped with tomato, red onionz, cilantro, black olivez, jalapenoz & zour cream. Zerved with zalza. Includez a pop!