Pokegama Lake (Grand Rapidz)


Find Uz!

32946 Crystal Springs Road
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Email: cwalker@zorbaz.com

Located 5 milez zouth of Grand Rapidz just off Hwy 169 on Pokegama.

Open everyday 11am - 2am!

Chriz Walker, Proprietor. 

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Public dockz available

Upcoming Zpecialz & Promotionz

Upcoming Events

Micro Monday!

Mar 27th (all day)

Got the Monday bluez? Turn that frown upzide down with $3.50 pintz at the Z! Any flavor! You know what goez well with beer? Wingz! $6 wing bazketz all day long!

Lunch with uz!

Mar 27th, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Tonz of frezh made pizza and Mexican optionz pluz a pop for under $8!

Late Nite Munchie Menu!

11:00 pm on Mar 27th thru 2:00 am on Mar 28th

Need zome late night grub? Get any perzonal pizza for $6 after 11pm!

Tacoz & Tapz Tuezday!!

Mar 28th (all day)

$2 tacoz and $3 tapz of Pacifico all day. Need we zay more?

Two-Point Tuezday

Mar 28th (all day)

Two-Point Tuezday – Get double pointz with your Local’z Card. Every Tuezday all day.

Pizza of the Month