All The Hapz!

Featured Pizza!

Green: Gyro
Gull: The All-American and Margherita 
Pokegama: Loaded Denver Omelet

July 24

- The King returnz to Gull Lake! Elviz live at 7 pm! 

July 25

- Danny Olson iz live at Gull lake from 6-9 pm! 

July 26

- SOLO takez over the Gull Lake ztage! Muzic ztartz at 6 pm! 

July 27

- ALL DAY Tropical Party at Big Zandy! Zand Pail Margaritaz and live muzic from Revolution Jones from 2-6 pm! 
- Mark Joseph& Terry V from the Big Wu live at Pokegama!
Bearch Bar jamz ztart at 2 pm! 
- Seth Doud live at Gull Lake!
Enjoy live muzic on the patio from 3-6 pm! 
- Ponzi Scheme returnz to Green Lake!
Live on the patio from 6-10 pm! 
- Rick Adams live at Little Pine! Rock, Country & Pop clazzicz you can dance to from 7-11 pm! 
- 32 below live at Park Rapidz! Muzic ztartz at 9:30 pm, $15 cover! 
- DJ Mike Nelson Patio Party at Alexandria! Beatz drop at 10 pm! 

July 28

- Tas Crus live on the patio at Green Lake! Ztop out for live muzic from 3-7 pm! 
- #ZundayFunday with Mark Mraz at Gull Lake! He'z live on the patio from 3-6 pm! 
- Eli Brown live on the Alexandria Patio from 4-7 pm! 

Zee all the fun at every location.  

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