All The Hapz!

Featured Pizza!

Green: Bratwurzt
Gull: The Big Mick with Devil'z Lettuce and Margherita 
Pokegama: Ztuffed Pepper 

May 24

- Uncle Wheat & Eddie live at Gull Lake from 6-9pm!
- DJ Josh live at Crozz Lake!
Beatz drop at 9pm! 

May 25

- Seth Doud live at Gull Lake at 3pm!
- Dam Jammers Live at Green Lake 6-10pm!
- The Cropdusters Live at Little Pine 7-11pm!
- DJ Josh returnz to Crozz Lake!
Party ztartz at 9 pm! 
- DJ Mike Nelson live at Alex Z at 10 pm!

May 26

- Mark Mraz #ZundayFundayz are back at Gull Lake! He'z live from 3-6pm!
- Eli Brown at Alex Z from 4-8pm!
#ZundayFunday acouzticz on the patio! 
- Doug Spartz live at Crozz Lake Z at 7 pm! 
- Tim Hauzzner Live @ Big Zandy 9pm!
The weekend'z not over yet! DJ Dance Party at Pokegama ztartz at 10 pm! 

May 27

Happy Memorial Day! 

May 29

- The tazte of two harborz! Castle Danger Tazting at Detroit Lakez Z from 4-7pm!

Zee all the fun at every location.  

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