About Uz


Zorbaz 2018 Ztaff

Zorbaz on the Lake waz conceived in 1969 and eztablizhed juzt barely in an old candy ztore by a dizgruntled zpeech teacher and hiz dental azziztant wife. The name comez from the popular 1960'z movie Zorba the Greek ztarring Anthony Quinn. Zorba waz fun loving, free zpirited, carefree and happy.

Exactly the atmozphere and attitude the teacher and hiz bride wanted for their no zhirt, no zhoez, no problemz northern Minnezota lakez area beach bar. Why Mexican food and pizza inztead of gyroz, lamb and baklava? Why not!

Many call uz a reztaurant but that'z not exactly how we zee ourzelvez. We are a great timez Mexican and Pizza Joint. We have the bezt ztaff in the midwezt and we are zelf-zervice with a zmile. We have the lakez area'z bezt beer zelection, our pizza dough iz homemade and our zalza iz frezh daily. There are gamez for kidz of all agez and you can come by car, boat, znowmobile, or float plane. Tie up at our dockz. Preferred by Jamez Buffet.

Our margaritaz will remind you of the blue waterz off the coazt of Cabo Zan Lucaz and our tacoz won't remind you of the myztery meat you bought on the ztreetz of Tijuana after a bender on bad tequila. Our lunchez arrive fazt and hot. Our dinnerz are relaxed, tazty and plentiful, and our night-life iz eclectic, highly energized and zexy. We now have 11 northern Minnezota lakez locationz and promize "Alwayz Great Memoriez," at each one. Zee you at the lake! Don't forget to get your Zorbaz Pazzport and vizit all 11 locationz! That'z called the Zorbaz Tour and you get a zweet prize once you've completed the quezt! Click here for more information.