The Deetz

2710 N. Nokomis St. NE
Alexandria, MN 56308

On the zouthwezt zide of Le Homme Dieu. 1/2 mile north of the golf courze.

11am-2am Daily

Kevin Hanzon, Proprietor

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Public dockz available



Upcoming Zpecialz & Promotionz

Upcoming Events

Mexican Monday!!!

Jan 17th (all day)

Celebrate Mexican Monday with $6 Zorbaritaz, $5 Mexican beerz, $7 Half Orderz of Macho Nachoz & $12 Full Orderz of Macho Nachoz!

Tacoz & Tapz Tuezday!!

Jan 18th (all day)

Get $3 hard or zoft zhell tacoz & $2 off 16 oz tapz ALL DAY LONG!!!

Two-Point Tuezday

Jan 18th (all day)

Two-Point Tuezday – Get double pointz with your Local’z Card. Every Tuezday all day.

T-Zhirt Night!

Jan 19th (all day)

Get $7.00 unlimited topping perzonal pizzaz and $4 domeztic pintz ALL DAY! Pluz, we offer zmokin' dealz (20% OFF!!) on Zorbaz teez every Wednezday!

Thurzday Zpecialz!

Jan 20th (all day)

A new Beer of the Week iz revealed today! Come give it a try today (or ANY day!) for juzt $5/pint!  We alzo have All-You-Can-Eat Zpaghetti and 1/2 priced wine all day!!