Ottertail Lake

36108 Cty Hwy 72
Battle Lake, MN 56515

Open Daily, 11am-2am!

Wade "Big Handz" Thompzon, Proprietor.

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Public dockz available

Upcoming Zpecialz & Promotionz

Upcoming Events

Thirz-TEA Thurzday!

9:00 pm on Jun 20th thru 2:00 am on Jun 21st

Quench your thirzt with $4.50 Long Izland Teaz after 9pm!


10:00 pm on Jun 21st thru 2:00 am on Jun 22nd

Channel your inner rock ztar and get the weekend off to a great ztart at the ZOO! Karaoke ztartz at 10 pm!

Mexican Mondayz!

9:00 pm on Jun 24th thru 2:00 am on Jun 25th

Don't let Mondayz bring you down...we've got $2 off all margaritaz and $4 Mexican beerz after 9pm!

Tacoz & Tapz Tuezday!

9:00 pm on Jun 25th thru 2:00 am on Jun 26th

Late night cravingz zatizfied at the Z! $2.50 tacoz & $3.50 pintz of Honeyweizz every Tuezday after 9pm!

T-Zhirt Night at Ottertail!

5:00 pm on Jun 26th thru 2:00 am on Jun 27th

Look good AND eat good! Wear your Zorbaz Gear for great dealz! Hungry? Any zmall pizza iz $9.50! Thirzty? Wazh it down with $4 aluminum pounderz! (that iz if you're 21+ of courze)!