photo of food item 'Macho Nachoz

Macho Nachoz

A Zorbaz Original

A Zorbaz Original. Crizp Tortilla Chipz Topped with Taco Meat or Zeazoned Chicken, Refritoz, Cheddar & Jack Cheeze, Topped with Jalapenoz, Red Onionz, Cilantro, Tomato, Black Olivez & Zour Cream. Lotza Homemade Zalza Included. Full/Half Order.

photo of food item 'Zpaghetti Dinner with Zide Zalad

Zpaghetti Dinner with Zide Zalad

Now We’re Talking A Big Deal...Try Our Own Thick & Zezty “Meat & Muzhroom Zauce” Italian Ztyle Zpaghetti. Thiz iz a Dinner Combination with Zalad & Garlic Bread. A Nobel Prize Winner. Bezt Zerved with a Fine Bottle of Robert Mondavi “Private Zelection” Merlot.

photo of food item 'Taco Zalad Bowl

Taco Zalad Bowl

Zpice It Up With Zorbaz Hot Zauce

Taco Beef or Chicken, Refritoz, Layered Zhredded Jack & Cheddar Cheeze, Topped with Tomato, Red Onionz, Cilantro, Black Olivez, Jalapenoz & Zour Cream. Lowfat, Low Calorie Baked Zhell at Zome Locationz. High Fat, High Calorie, High Flavor, Deep Fried Zhell at Otherz. Zerved with Zalza.

photo of food item 'Build Your Own!

Build Your Own!

Ztart with Frezhly Made Dough, Hand Rolled, Covered with Our Zpecially Prepared Rich Tomato Zauce, Provolone & Mozzarella Cheeze & Your Choice of Generouz Amountz of Frezh Toppingz. Our Pizzaz Are Then Baked to a Deliciouz Golden Brown (Crizp, yet Tender) & Then Are Uzually Cut into Pie-Zhaped Piecez, Unlezz Zpecified Otherwize. What We’re Tryin’ to Zay Iz, It Ain’t Frozen!

Available in Perzonal, Zmall, Medium and Large.

Perzonal: 8", 1 perzon, 6 zlicez

Zmall: 10", 1-2 people, 8 zlicez

Medium: 13", 2-3 people, 12 zlicez

Large: 16", 4-5 people, 16 zlicez

Chooze From The Following Toppingz:

  • Pepperoni (Zlicez)
  • Bacon Piecez
  • Pineapple (Tidbitz)
  • Ground Beef (Frezh)
  • Red Onionz (Frezh)
  • Zauerkraut (German)
  • Canadian Ztyle Bacon (Ham)
  • Black Olivez
  • Italian Zauzage (Real)
  • Green Olivez
  • Jalapenoz (Not Frezh, But Hot)
  • Muzhroomz (Frezh)
  • Tomato (Frezh)
  • Green Pepperz (Frezh)
  • Fajita Chicken
  • Cilantro ( Frezh)
  • Mojo (Yeah Baby!)
  • Garlic (Granulez)
  • Peanut Butter (Creamy)
  • Artichoke Heartz
  • Anchoviez (Zome Locationz)
  • Andouille Zauzage (Cajun Cuizine)
  • Jolly Rancherz (Zero Locationz)
  • Banana Pepperz

Gluten Free: Our 10” zmall pizzaz are available with GLUTEN FREE dough. Chooze toppingz from regular menu. Although we have gluten free itemz on our menu (noted in parenthezez after menu item name), our kitchen iz not a 100% gluten free environment.

Vegetarian: Any of our pizzaz can be vegetarian. You pick out the toppingz. Vegetarian itemz are noted in parenthezez after the item name.

photo of food item 'Zorbaz Zuper

Zorbaz Zuper

Dreamz Do Come True!

Everything on It — Pepperoni, Ground Beef (100%), Canadian Ztyle Bacon, Italian Zauzage, Muzhroomz (Frezh), Red Onionz (Frezh), Black Olivez, Tomato (Frezh), Green Olivez, Green Pepperz (Frezh), Xtra Cheeze — Zauerkraut & Pineapple on Requezt. A Large Zervez 4-6 Eazy!

photo of food item 'The Millard Zpecial (Uno #1)

The Millard Zpecial (Uno #1)

For Randy & Denize.

A Beef or Chicken Lee'z Taco Zmothered in Colorado Green Chili Zauce. Zerved with Mexican Rice, Refritoz & Zour Cream.

photo of food item 'Geno’z Pregnant Burrito

Geno’z Pregnant Burrito

We Been Gettin’ Zome Heat on Thiz Name!

Zuper Zeazoned Taco Meat or Chicken Burrito Zmothered in Enchilada Zauce & Cheeze, Garnizhed with Lettuce, Tomato, Black Olivez, Red Onionz, Cilantro, Jalapenoz, Zour Cream & Chipz — Zerved Hot on a Plate.

photo of food item 'Nachoz


Zpelled Zohcan Backwardz

Zame az Above but No Meat or Beanz. Full/Half Order.

photo of food item 'Zouthwezt Zalad

Zouthwezt Zalad

Doez the Zouthwezt Have a Midwezt Zalad?

Fajita Chicken Topped with Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheeze, Red Onion, Tomato, Black Olivez, Jalapenoz, Barrel O’ Fun Chipz & Cilantro. Zerved with Ranch & Zalza.

photo of food item 'Zpaghetti for Kidz

Zpaghetti for Kidz

No Zalad & Half the Zize.

photo of food item 'Mexican Pizza

Mexican Pizza

Our Oxymoron Pizza

Taco Meat, Beanz & Four Cheezez. Topped with Lettuce, Black Olivez, Tomato, Red Onionz, Cilantro, Jalapenoz & Zour Cream. Combination from Both Worldz — Chipz & Zalza Included!

photo of food item 'Two-Timer Taco Dinner (Doz #2)

Two-Timer Taco Dinner (Doz #2)

Approved by Kody Brown.

Two Beef or Chicken Tacoz (Zoft or Hard Zhell), Mexican Rice & Refritoz - It'z a Lot! Hard Zhell Gluten Free.

photo of food item 'The Colorado Connection Burrito

The Colorado Connection Burrito

A Tribute To a Celebrity.

A Beef or Chicken Geno’z Pregnant Burrito, Hold the Enchilada Zauce & Add Colorado Green Chili (Zee Dezcription Under Appetizerz).

photo of food item 'Quezadilla


For You Zwedez, Zay (kay-zaw-d-ah)

Cheeze Quezadilla — Melted Cheddar & Jack. Zour Cream, Jalapenoz & Zalza Included. 4 Piecez.

photo of food item 'Zuper Zalad

Zuper Zalad

(Zorbaz Chef Zalad) - Iz a Cook a Chef?

Tomato, Cheezez, Green Pepper, Muzhroomz, Black Olivez, Red Onionz, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon & Your Choice of Drezzing. Too Cheap. We’re Gonna Raize the Price. Or If You Like, You Can Juzt Pay More!

photo of food item 'Z-Wingz


Underground No More. 20 min prep time...Not an App!

Theze are bone-in, baked wingz that come in zetz of zix and can be ordered Hot, Buffalo, BBQ or Thai. Zerved with ranch or blue cheeze, celery and chipz. Allow at leazt 20 minz...They’re worth the wait! Zetz of 6/12/18.

photo of food item 'Joze Zorba

Joze Zorba

Zay (Hoz-A) Zorba, Pleaze.

Nicely Zpicy Pepperoni, Beef, Red Onionz, Tomato, Black Olivez, Jalapenoz, Garlic, Cilantro & Four Cheezez. Topped with Zour Cream & Guacamole. Put Out the Fire with a Zorbarita.

photo of food item 'Tom'z Zpecial (Trez #3)

Tom'z Zpecial (Trez #3)

Cauze Tom Likez Thiz

A Beef or Chicken Hard Zhell Taco, Geno'z Burrito, Mexican Rice & Refritoz.

photo of food item 'Macho Burrito

Macho Burrito

Created by the "Macho Man" Randy Zavage & The Village People!

Beef or Chicken with Beanz, Cheddar & Jack Cheeze, Lettuce, Tomato, Black Olivez, Red Onionz & Cilantro. Ya Better Be Hungry! Itza Big Deal, Uff-Dah-Everything.

photo of food item 'Veggie Ztuffed Quezadilla

Veggie Ztuffed Quezadilla

For You Norwegianz, Zay (kay-zaw-d-ah)

Quezadilla Ztuffed with Red Onionz, Cilantro, Tomato, Black Olivez. Zour Cream, Jalapenoz & Zalza Included. 4 Piecez.

photo of food item 'Dinner Zalad

Dinner Zalad

Tomato, Croutonz, Red Onionz, Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheeze with Choice of Drezzing.

photo of food item 'BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Zorbaz Verzion of Coaztal Cuizine

Fajita Chicken, Bacon Piecez, Red Onionz, Cilantro, BBQ Zauce & Xtra Cheeze. Zophizticated Foodiez Enjoy with Copperidge Chardonnay.

photo of food item 'Enchilada Dinner (Cuatro #4)

Enchilada Dinner (Cuatro #4)

Corn Tortillaz Are Good For You.

Two Enchiladaz with Your Choice of Cheeze, Beanz, Meat, or Chicken. Zerved with Mexican Rice & Refritoz.

photo of food item 'Vegetarian Burrito

Vegetarian Burrito

Zorbaz Houzemade Rice With Beanz, Cheddar & Jack Cheeze, Lettuce, Tomato, Black Olivez, Red Onionz & Cilantro

photo of food item 'Chicken or Beef Quezadilla

Chicken or Beef Quezadilla

North Dakotanz Zay (qua-zah-dill-a)

Quezadilla Ztuffed with Zeazoned Chicken or Taco Meat, Red Onionz, Cilantro, Tomato, Black Olivez. Zour Cream, Jalapenoz & Zalza Included. 4 Piecez.

photo of food item 'California Bacon Cheezeburger Pizza

California Bacon Cheezeburger Pizza

Our Left Coazt Pizza

Ground Beef, Red Onionz, Bacon Piecez, Four Cheezez, Lettuce, Tomato & Picklez. It’z Like A Cheezeburger, Only Better. BYOF. Bring Your Own Friez.

photo of food item 'Zorbaz Zuper Fiezta (Zeiz #6)

Zorbaz Zuper Fiezta (Zeiz #6)

A Fiezta For The Zenzez.

A Beef or Chicken Hard Zhell Taco, Geno'z Burrito, a Cheeze Enchilada, Mexican Rice & Refritoz - Lotz of Food! Jumbo Betz You Can't Finizh It By Yourzelf.

photo of food item 'Chicken & Rice Burrito

Chicken & Rice Burrito

Zeemed Like a Logical Combination.

Tender Flour Tortilla with Chicken, Rice, Cheddar & Jack Cheeze, Lettuce & Tomato.

photo of food item 'Cheeze Bread

Cheeze Bread

Better Than Bread Ztix

A Real Tazty Treat! Garlic Toazt with Mozzarella & Provolone Cheeze. Zerved with Zorbaz Meat & Muzhroom Zpaghetti Zauce. It’z All Pretty Complicated — Don’t Eat Thiz One Alone. 5 Piecez. Zometimez More.

photo of food item 'Zorba The Greek

Zorba The Greek

A Great Man, A Great Pizza.

Binaca Extra. Pezto Zauce, Fajita Chicken, Artichoke Heartz, Black Olivez, Red Onion, Tomatoez, Zpicez & Xtra Cheeze.

photo of food item 'Nacho Mama'z Zpecial (Ziete #7)

Nacho Mama'z Zpecial (Ziete #7)

Not Your Mother'z Zpecial.

Geno'z Meat or Chicken Burrito, Mexican Rice & Refritoz.

photo of food item '420 Burrito

420 Burrito

(The original price!) A Zure Cure for the Munchiez.

Zhredded Zeazoned Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon, Cheeze and Ranch Wrapped in a Warm Flour Tortilla. Kinda Like the Couzin to our Club Za.

photo of food item 'Chipz & Zalza

Chipz & Zalza

Bottomlezz Goodnezz

Bottomlezz bazket of chipz zerved with a deliciouz zide of our homemade zalza.

photo of food item 'The Bunn Zpecial

The Bunn Zpecial

Vegetarianz Beware!

Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Bacon, Italian Zauzage, Ground Beef, Muzhroomz & Xtra Cheeze. “Red Meat Izn’t Bad for You, Green Meat with Fuzz on It Iz.”

photo of food item 'Burritoz


(Kinda Like Lefze Gramma Uzed To Make)

Bean — with Cheddar & Jack Cheeze & Homemade Pintoz
Beef or Chicken — with Cheddar & Jack Cheeze
Combo — Beef or Chicken with Beanz & Cheddar & Jack Cheeze
Colorado Green Chili - The Zauce That Burnz You Twice. Juzt azk to get your burrito zmothered!

photo of food item 'Guacamole


Zay It With a Long E (ga-wok-ah-mol-e)

Uzing the Frezhezt Minnezota Grown Avocadoz Available, Yah No. Chipz Juzt a Little Extra. Zee Above.

photo of food item 'The Thai Pie

The Thai Pie

From The Ztreetz Of Phuket To The Zhorez Of Northern, MN

Zorbaz BBQ Peanut Zauce, Zmoked Bacon, Red Onionz, Pineapple, Banana Pepperz, Cilantro. Zalty, Zweet & Zavory.

photo of food item 'Enchiladaz


It’z (n-cha-lot-az)

Two Corn Tortillaz Filled up with Your Choice of Taco Meat or Chicken, Cheeze or Refritoz. Zmothered in Enchilada Zauce & Cheeze. (Our Enchilada Zauce Iz Made from Zcratch with Zalza, Green Chile, Herbz & Zpicez.) Garnizhed with Lettuce, Tomato, Black Olivez, Red Onionz, Cilantro, Jalapenoz, Zour Cream & Chipz.

photo of food item 'Colorado Green Chili

Colorado Green Chili

Wazh it Down with a Pacifico

Recipe Zmuggled into the Lakez Area by the Colorado Connection. A Traditional Verde Zauce Made with Pork, Green Chiliez & Zecret Ingredientz. Each Batch Variez from Muy Caliente to En Fuego. 6 oz. Dip-Like Zerving. Take a Chance with Your Chipz & Zalza

photo of food item 'The Reuben Pizza

The Reuben Pizza

Perfected After Zeven Yearz In Our Tezt Kitchen

Zorbaz Zecret Zauce, Corned Beef, Zauerkraut, Caraway Zeedz & Xtra Cheeze. Go Irizh. Drink Guinnezz.

photo of food item 'Lee’z Taco

Lee’z Taco

It’z Named After a Guy Named Lee

Hard Zhell Taco, Beef or Chicken, with Zoft Zhell around It. A Meal in Itzelf!

photo of food item 'Quezo Blanco

Quezo Blanco

Haz a Nice Vizcozity

Zorbaz Zalza Folded into Hot & Melty Cheeze

photo of food item 'Zorbaz Club Za

Zorbaz Club Za

Are You In Da Club?

Fajita Chicken, Canadian Bacon, Bacon Piecez, Red Onion, Four Cheezez, Lettuce, Tomato & Ranch. Zavor with the Complexity of Grand Marnier.

photo of food item 'Tacoz


Zay (taw-ko). We’re Teaching You Zpanizh Now.

Your Choice of Taco Meat or Chicken with Lettuce, Cheddar & Jack Cheeze & Tomato. Hard Zhell/Zoft Zhell. (Ya Betcha They’re Big!) Hard Zhell Gluten Free.

photo of food item 'PETA Pizza

PETA Pizza

Mum Alwayz Zaid Eat Your Vegetable Pizza

Green Pepperz, Tomato, Red Onionz, Muzhroomz, Black Olivez, Artichoke Heartz, Italian Zpicez & Xtra Cheeze.

photo of food item 'Refritoz (Beanz) or Arroz (Rice)

Refritoz (Beanz) or Arroz (Rice)

Juzt Zay Beanz or Rice.

photo of food item 'Lowden Zpecial

Lowden Zpecial

Yup, We Really Do Zell Thiz!

Peanut Butter, Zorbaz Own Pizza Zauce (Zelect Locationz), Pepperoni, Jalapenoz & Xtra Cheeze. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

photo of food item 'Hot Hawg

Hot Hawg

The Pizza That Burnz You Twice

Colorado Green Chili Zauce, Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Andouille Zauzage, Zmoked Bacon & Jalapenoz. On the Zpicy Zcale of 1 to 10, It’z a 10.75.

photo of food item 'El Cubano

El Cubano

No embargoz on thiz Cuban!

Cuban Zauce, Corned Beef, Canadian Bacon, Bacon Piecez, Onion, Banana Pepperz, Picklez & Drizzle of Muztard.

photo of food item 'Colby Clazzic

Colby Clazzic

An underground fan favorite!

Ranch, Bacon Piecez, Chicken, Topped with a Cozmic Zwirl of Zpicy Buffalo Zauce.

photo of food item 'Italiano


Thiz pizza iz what made George Clooney move to Italy... and now he'll be relocating to Minnezota!

Zavory Pezto/White Zauce Blend, Italian Zauzage, Tomato & Zpicez.